The Most Difficult Task

What do you think is the most difficult task in the world?? Living, Eating a whole cake or hiking to mount everest or....


A Realization

He was devastated, to say the least, confused between crying or laughing as he stood there as if in the state of coma, seeing nothing listening nothing. The paper still clutched tightly in his hand, he stared unseeing the view in front of him. A view, for which he had thrown away everything else, worked... Continue Reading →

Writing or Speaking?

So there was a strange discussion I had with one of the visiting professors. He was invited to talk to us about our future prospects and to motivate and guide us or show us a mirror, I don’t know. But during the session he told us to find challenges in our life and asked about... Continue Reading →

Do you love what you do?

Loving what you do and Doing what you love. Are they one and same or different??…Actually, these two lines are quite different and similar at some point. Confusing?? A corporate lawyer claims to like his job. But is he actually doing what he loves, does his job makes him want to stay in office whole... Continue Reading →


Haven’t you experienced days when you just want to lie back on a comfy sofa, in a cool room, under a light blanket surrounded by a good book, your laptop and mobile with soft old and new songs playing in the background, and a serene beautiful scene of the whole city visible from your window?... Continue Reading →


I found this poem while searching for the certain idiom, and wanted to share it with you guys. It seems like stumbling upon a chest of jewels while looking for the necklace. Looks like jewelry is on my mind, must be the side effect of all those gold and glitter in the poem. Nevertheless, enjoy... Continue Reading →

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