One Year Anniversary

1 year, 365 days, 525600 minutes and with 36 published posts, 30th June marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my blog.  Happy Birthday STORY OR THOUGHTS, and Happy Birthday WINFIRE.  Woah, 1 year seems like a long time, but in reality, you don’t even know when it passes by. When I started this blog I … More One Year Anniversary

What will I be?

When she was little she wanted to be a pilot, yes she wanted to be a pilot. She would see the planes flying overhead and wonder what it would be like to be able to fly, anywhere, anytime, see the faraway lands, to be at the top… she would see the pilots, actually, they were … More What will I be?


Recently browsing on Quora, I came across a question, it was-“Is there anything you have hidden from your parents?” There were many answers to it, many of them anonymous, mind you because their family members were on Quora or a follower. But leaving it all aside, there was one answer that caught my eye. The answer … More Perception