What will I be?

When she was little she wanted to be a pilot, yes she wanted to be a pilot. She would see the planes flying overhead and wonder what it would be like to be able to fly, anywhere, anytime, see the faraway lands, to be at the top… she would see the pilots, actually, they were … More What will I be?

First date

They were going on a date today. It was their anniversary, their first date anniversary. Some might say it’s just an anniversary, but this one was important. He was anxious, trying to come up with a perfect gift for her like he did on their first date. Something that resembles her bubbly, carefree nature with a … More First date

Raise The Curtains

It was like yesterday I stood at the side of the stage, buzzing with excitement and a big smile on my face, trying to look out in the audience. Jumping behind my seniors, while peeking through the curtains, but failing miserably. The senior on whom I was leaning on, looked back at me, smiled and plucked … More Raise The Curtains