Writing or Speaking?

So there was a strange discussion I had with one of the visiting professors. He was invited to talk to us about our future prospects and to motivate and guide us or show us a mirror, I don’t know. But during the session he told us to find challenges in our life and asked about... Continue Reading →


Do you love what you do?

Loving what you do and Doing what you love. Are they one and same or different??…Actually, these two lines are quite different and similar at some point. Confusing?? A corporate lawyer claims to like his job. But is he actually doing what he loves, does his job makes him want to stay in office whole... Continue Reading →

Free at the Top

The sunlight has shown at her back, silhouetting her form creating a halo, making her look divine. The cold breeze played with her hair, tangling and untangling those as if old friends. With world behind her and open sky in front, she stood at the brink anticipating the thrill, the win. And then it came,... Continue Reading →

Butterflies in my stomach

Privy to the phrase," I am having butterflies in my stomach"?? Well in a figurative sense it means, being anxious or having a nervous feeling, but to actually imagine it in the literal sense, okay let's stop here. Well getting to the phrase, it may happen anytime, these butterflies don't consider anything, and neither do... Continue Reading →

Dancing-It’s just me

Have you ever had something in your life, without which you can't just imagine your life. If removed, it would make your life colorless. Well if you have one you can relate with me. So what is that one thing in my life


Challenges can be disconcerting and hard, but they can be exciting and thrilling as well. How I came to this conclusion? Well....

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