It’s not a lover

A hundred words written. Some confused, some harried, some plain simple. We read each novel, each story, and made perceptions. Some touched our heart, some only graced the periphery, some didn't even come close; and then there was some, that seared into your soul and made a home in your mind, making you go back to... Continue Reading →


First date

They were going on a date today. It was their anniversary, their first date anniversary. Some might say it's just an anniversary, but this one was important. He was anxious, trying to come up with a perfect gift for her like he did on their first date. Something that resembles her bubbly, carefree nature with a... Continue Reading →

It was no Monet

Have you ever done something on a whim, written something, danced, composed a song; that you just don't realise you had actually done.... Well here is one such attempt of mine, I was little hesitant of sharing it but, Let it be out and all that...

Raise The Curtains

It was like yesterday I stood at the side of the stage, buzzing with excitement and a big smile on my face, trying to look out in the audience. Jumping behind my seniors, while peeking through the curtains, but failing miserably. The senior on whom I was leaning on, looked back at me, smiled and plucked... Continue Reading →

A Realization

He was devastated, to say the least, confused between crying or laughing as he stood there as if in the state of coma, seeing nothing listening nothing. The paper still clutched tightly in his hand, he stared unseeing the view in front of him. A view, for which he had thrown away everything else, worked... Continue Reading →

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