Hola, Bonjour, Namaste…. and many many greetings to everyone 🙂

(I speak these languages- Spanish and French are in process -so why not a greeting in all three 🙂 )

How are you guys??(I’ve been trained to be polite after all,😉 childhood training never leaves, even in blogs. lol).

Okkk so let me tell you a little about myself, I’m like many others and yet not similar. A college going student, have a passion for dancing, love reading novels (a library is one of my favorite places, provided they have a good view and a comfy sofa), likes traveling and adventure, a nature lover (its beautiful trust me, the views… they are something else). Ambitious, set on my own rules and values, aims and dreams, but also loves to explore and learn , right now doing all hit and trials (after all, after many hits and trials Einstein became Einstein, Isaac Newton became Sir Isaac Newton, Jack Ma started Alibaba and we all know KFC, with so many others on the list).

And actually, that’s how I started this blog, no not as a hit and trial but in a way to explore and learn. I used to wonder about blogging, how people create websites but then chalked it up to something related to programming; as I was a Computer student in school so I knew that was the basic essence. Moving on, last year I was in a Business Plan competition and was actually faced with the question of creating websites and blogs, that’s when I started looking. And now about two months ago I finally started my blog. And since then it has been a very exciting journey, and I hope it remains so and becomes more interesting as time passes by. This blog was basically started as a base project and now I’m completely invested in it.

In starting I didn’t know how to categorize my blog as, so I just started it as random. I liked reading novels, and even wrote sometimes but never shared it with many. But I thought with this platform, with this blog why not share them with others, and let them share with me their thoughts, interests, and stories. ‘

So that is what this blog is all about, my thoughts, stories, various anecdotes, experiences, reviews about books I have read and my favorites parts in them, things I found on the net and wanted to share with others and yadda,yada…. So let’s embark on this journey with me, and see where it takes us, where I share with you all and you share with me. 🙂 But for that, you will have to join me, as I try to join with you guys, so never hesitate to click on that follow button if you like my posts. And yup I don’t care if your thoughts are a critique or a praise, they will all help me to improve and get better, so don’t shy away from commenting on my posts, it may even lead to some interesting conversations 😃

So go on read my posts and enjoy!!

Adios!! Au revoir!! Namaste 😃



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