Raise The Curtains

It was like yesterday I stood at the side of the stage, buzzing with excitement and a big smile on my face, trying to look out in the audience. Jumping behind my seniors, while peeking through the curtains, but failing miserably. The senior on whom I was leaning on, looked back at me, smiled and plucked me from back and made me stand on the chair in front of him” Now see all you want, but don’t bend too much or you will fall, and stay behind the curtains”,he smiled at me again and resumed talking with his friends, but kept a hold on my chair, so that I won’t fall down. And as I peeked again, there they were in the third row on the left side, my parents and elder sister.I tried to wave, but they didn’t look, I got frantic in my waving and almost toppled over but the senior guy holding my chair saved me, shaking his head,”I told you to stand still”, he said sternly, and then put me down from the chair. When I tried to protest, “You are on next, and then you can wave all you want”, he said tweaking my nose and I poked my tongue out at him as he laughed, but then I was on the stage. The lights darkened as our dance started, my first time on stage, and then it was like magic and I was at the center of it.

I blinked my eyes open, and there I was back in reality, standing outside the conference room, trying again to peek through the opening and closing black doors, but this time at the judges that were behind that door. There were no parents this time, no elder sister chanting my name and waiting in the green room after the performance. This time again I stood with my team, but there was no friendly senior. This time again my stomach was fluttering, my body strung tightly with nerves. But there was more nervousness this time than excitement, or maybe I had it all wrong because where in one moment I wanted to run out from there, wanted it all to delay a bit; the next moment I couldn’t wait to go inside and give the business idea presentation. We were third to present, and I was worried that I would faint from these messed up thoughts of mine.

“Its time, let’s go and then you can see the judges all you like”, my team member nudged me smiling. And with a blink, I was teleported back to my third class, and my first performance on stage, the excitement, the childish eagerness of trying something new filled me, and my body surged with new confidence. And as I went on to the stage for my first-time presentation, in front of the renowned panel of judges, it was magic again, and I was in the center of it.


4 thoughts on “Raise The Curtains

    1. Thanks Srijan.
      And I thought with my words,I tried to reflect the difference of the two situations, one when I was a small girl excited for my first performance, and other when I am older and the nervousness of giving a business presentation for the first time in front of renowned panel.Two first, two different situations, but I think I digressed somehow.

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