Dancing-It’s just me

Dancing the most beautiful and important word of my life.If someone is said to describe me or give an introduction of mine, this word would surely have a place in it, if not sure you should just check out my About page. I might know all the dance forms in this world, but I know the free flow of body to the rhythm of the music, the exhilaration and increase of heartbeat dancing and letting myself lose in its flow, the smooth, seamless and liquid-like glide, flow and dip of my body. The lighting up of my inner being, the happiness of my heart, the bursting of soo many lights, the rising up of my body towards the heaven of light, music, peace, and happiness, a feeling which I have no words to describe, a feeling which no one can imbibe.A world which you can see only with my eyes, a feeling which you can only feel by being in my body, by dancing with me. Losing myself in dance, gliding away from all my problems, an anchor, a way to meet with me, something that makes me feel alive.

Some would say it is an interest, but the word won’t do justice to it. Dancing is an inherent part of my life, it’s me. Its a way of expressing your feelings, joy, anger, sadness, loss, exhilaration, passion, new beginnings and so much more. No matter what is happening in your life, it’s one thing that pervades itself in all and is your companion even when there is no one around. It’s my passion, I have never thought of becoming a choreographer, but becoming a performer I wouldn’t say the thought never crossed my mind, but it was not my first priority ever, and that might have something to do with my family background and the thinking of people around me. But it’s me, and separating myself from Dancing is like ending me. I would say it’s my first love, but then first love might be forgotten or replaced so I would say it’s my life, it’s me.

Dance till your heart beats, 

let your feets move with every beat

close your eyes

and let yourself loose

and you will find yourself,

you will find a precious pearl set deep in the sea,

 and that’s what dancing is for me.



10 thoughts on “Dancing-It’s just me

  1. The way you described how dance is the existence of yourself is praiseworthy. Don’t you think it is incomplete without music. As its also a music. In every step we have a different tune. Body moves smoothly with a rhythm. It just like self identification. While dancing you have your own world of ecstasy. Now you are no longer linked with the external world. Same happens in the case of music. Sometimes its just out of the limit of description.

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    1. Music is an integral part of dance, you just can’t have one without another. But the tune on which you dance is more often than your own,the one you can relate with and sometimes it’s what the others can’t hear and exists just in your mind. So, yes it may be incomplete without music, but dance also has the power to exist as own, as a an emotional outlet of your heart’s feeling.
      Thanks for your praise Mukesh, look forward to hearing from you more. 🙂


    1. I think it doesn’t matter if you can dance or not, it’s your way of expression and a way to enjoy yourself. So just keep on dancing and enjoying yourself😃 .Thanks for commenting,stay in touch😘

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  2. I completely know what you’re writing about. Dancing can take on many different forms. I see the word “dance” as having various definitions.

    From what you described, you are a choreographer. As our spirit, moods, or inspirations move us in some way or another it is our own responses that shine through. Not someone else’s. I feel that sometimes dance is visible to others, and sometimes it is only visible to ourselves.

    In cases where a choreographer teaches us a dance, we do, of course, follow the steps they ask us to follow. They may even have a feeling or approach in mind. But deep down our own bits of interpretations will shine through. That is the same for artists like actors, and musician soloists.

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    1. I’m not a choreographer, but I would surely take the pride that you thought so,so Thank you😄.And I would take this time to say that I really like your way of expressing,so Thank you for commenting.
      And yes you are right dancing is something that’s exclusively yours, your feelings and expressions that make it more effective and unique. We can teach someone to dance, but we can’t make them feel what we feel or the emotions that are inherent in that steps, only that person can do it. So dance just like you want and make it solely yours.

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