She was meeting him today. His hands were clammy, breath coming fast as if he had been running miles. He chuckled and shook his head a little, he was not a teenager and this was not the first date. They have known each other for two months now. They met on an online dating site, he had made the account as a joke, but when the site sent her as his perfect match, he just sat still for five long minutes staring at her picture, mesmerized. She was beautiful, nothing too obvious like your model beauty, but something unique, something just her. She was just smiling in that picture and it was not even a full picture, but he just knew how she would look laughing.

For about 2 hours, he had perused her profile, found her on social sites and finally sent her a message. They have talked whole night, and in course of two months found out they shared many similarities. That they worked in the same city, their offices were nearby, had the same favorite cafe. But he had to go abroad for a month and they couldn’t meet, but now that he was back he was anxious to meet her finally. Though they had skyped and talked, it still felt like he was going to meet her for the first time.

She was a botanist and ran her own successful business of flowers, and as an expert advisor was joined with few NGO’s as well. He never found talking about trees and flowers so fascinating before, or traveling – she loved traveling – or maybe it was just her face, her expressions that fascinated him with while she talked about it. He smiled thinking about her, and then suddenly applied brakes to his car, ”Flowers”. He had been thinking what to take for her, flowers would have been a cliché for a botanist, but they were also something she loved.

He looked around, there was a shop nearby, he had seen it before while going to the café, “There it is”, he said, locked the car and went inside the shop. It was not a shop, it was a mall of flowers, many he was seeing for the first time, and several whose name he didn’t even know. There was a book nook as well in front, overall it was a beautiful shop.He went inside further and looked around to find some perfect flowers when a salesgirl approached him.

“May I help you, sir”.

“Yes, ahh….I am looking to buy flowers for someone special”, he stammered.

The young girl smiled,”What’s her favorite flower??”

“Huh”, he looked at her “I don’t know”, he replied slowly. They had never talked about that, she seemed to like all flowers. The girl looked at him and he rushed to explain, ”Actually I am meeting her for the first time”, that wasn’t exactly a lie he mused. ”And we….I don’t know”, he rubbed the back of his neck looking flushed.

The girl instantly beamed, “Oh Blind Date!!, how romantic. Come I’ll show you the best flowers of our shop”, he thought to correct her but then thought better of it, whatever gets the work done, and followed her, but stop abruptly, ”No roses” he said suddenly. He didn’t want to be too clichéd and didn’t want to give her any wrong impression of being too eager. The girl smiled at him and led him to some purple flowers, clematis, the girl said. They were beautiful but not something he was looking for, he looked around and then he found them. White flowers, lilies. She used to talk about these flowers a lot and even had sent him the pictures of a bouquet she saw at a wedding. They were beautiful, unique and pure just like her.

“I want them, the white lilies”, The girl turned to looked at them, and her face fell a little, ”I am sorry sir, but you can’t have them”.

“Why?..they’re perfect, I will even pay double…”

“No, no “ she interrupted, ”They’re already booked”.

“Then give me another bouquet, or let me talk to the person who ordered them”.

“No that’s the only bouquet, they are special flowers brought here on order, they are not found in these areas”.

“Ohh, but still let me talk to the person, maybe I can convince them to let me have these flowers. So who booked them?”

“Our owner. She has ordered them from someone special. They were to arrive yesterday but got delayed”.

“Let me talk to her, give me her number”.

The girl called her boss, and I listened while it rang,”Hello mam, there is a man here wanting to buy the calla lillies you ordered and wants to talk to you”.

There was some answer on another side, and the girl replied: ” Yes I told him so mam, but he insists on talking to you”. She remained silent for a minute and then gave him the phone, as soon as he picked up he said in very polite and pleasing voice,”Hello mam, I would really be thankful to you if you could give me the flowers, they for someone very special, I am meeting her for the first time,she loves these flowers, and they are only on order basis, I’m sure you could send….”

“Aviral” a voice said softly on another side, and his heart stopped.


“You can take them, they have reached their destination. Meet you at the cafe “, and the line went silent.

He stood there looking at the phone, still in his hand.

“They were for me”, his face split into a big smile and he laughed.

What a coincidence, this was her shop and the flowers that he wanted to buy for her, were actually for him. She had ordered them yesterday, to send to him as a welcome gift, but the order got delayed and now….. It was a coincidence, but a very beautiful one at that.


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