She slipped and fell again, sighed and looked up at the sky. Sweat droplets formed at her forehead, her t-shirt was soaked. She shook her head and sweat droplets fell from hair. Picked up her water bottle and took a long sip, looked at herself in the mirror, on the ground hunched over, covered in sweat, panting and tired, but her eyes still sparkled and determination shined from them. She straightened, took a deep breath and stood up again.

Started the set from the beginning; got on her toes as pain shot through her leg.Biting her lip she tried again, went on her toes, spread her arms out and turned raising her other leg slowly, and completed a perfect pirouette landing gracefully back on her toes.

A self-satisfied smile spread across her face as she looked in the mirror, saw herself, covered in sweat, glowing from the happiness and satisfaction, standing in a perfect posture. She did it, memorize the set and completed it with grace, finally, no matter how many times she failed before.

Pic Credit: Google images(writerscafe.org)


4 thoughts on “Pirouette

  1. Very rich in description. I’m happy she achieved a perfect pirouette. Please tell her to pick the right music to help her continue with this goal. Sometimes the music can help you forget the pain and struggle, and even guide you in grace and precision. To me, the best pirouettes are not produced by the physical brain in your head, but by the brain in the whole body steered by the music.

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    1. Thank you.Just you know it is a fiction but has some truth in it.And your advice will surely help me, as I am learning to do a pirouette myself.And you are right the real dance is not following the methodical steps, but letting your body move in synch with the music and losing yourself in it.

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