You’re going to be happy”,

said life,

“but first I’ll make you strong”.

-Paulo Coelho

I stumbled upon these lines, while reading someone’s journey through CAT exam. The guy went through a lot, it was an inspirational story to motivate the people planning to give this exam. But I think it motivated all those going through some or other difficult phase in life, teaching about a simple trick of having belief, and that doing hard work pays off.

But the journey to this ultimate fruit of your hard work, is actually what makes you. The hardships you face in life sure may seem intimidating, but once you see them as a learning phase, a way of life to nurture and  prepare you for further ride  in the skies,you will stop being terrified and will actually start souring in the skies.And this journey never ends, there are aims and goals, but nothing ultimate.You keep on achieving these goals and moving on to next, that’s what it is about.Moving,experiencing,living, but the foremost thing being Enjoying it,this beautiful Journey called Life.



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