You know how we were told when we were young that “Books are our best friends and guides”. I never  much understood meaning of that thought until I started reading myself. Sure I liked to read but never had much novels and such, when in school you are always told to read intellectual books. But as I expanded my horizons, digressed from only IIT magazine and quiz books. It actually opened a new world for me. A world where I realised the meaning of the quote. It’s not all about reading though, it’s about what you gain from it , what you absorb out of those million words. We read, heard stories ,how a book changed someone’s life, I don’t know if it changed my life as such, but it  did impacted my thought process, and I wish everyone would once in their life get addicted to this love of reading.

And it’s not important how much you read, but what you read.You don’t have to read only bibliographies and stuff but even a simple fantasy series would work.But do read, read once, it’s like providing a lifeline , a rope to a drowner in a river of life, an escape, a place which actually can help you sort your thoughts , give you a perspective. So I request everyone out there pick up something, anything that captures your interest a novel, comic, fiction , nonfiction, fantasy anything, but read.Read and you can actually see a miracle.


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