The Monk’s answer to Why

Why something is so hard for some, while it’s so easy for others? Why someone gets everything so easily, while others scrape past all their lives, working hard for every bit of it? Why can’t be it night all the time, if the day doesn’t bring with it any light? Why is this discrimination, why always one has to fight all his damn life? What worth is happiness if he doesn’t get it when he needed it all that one time? Why? Is there any answer or just same old plain lie?

“This is life; you have to burn to become diamond,

 What if you just burn to ashes and die with a flicker of light”.

Asked a passerby to a monk, and the monk just smiled and said “You just gave the answer in your lines, but you over think, and now you’ll just have to wait until the right time”.

The billionaire now smiled, remembering those words, and raised to monk his last glass of wine.


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