And the door went BANG!!

He was here. She doesn’t know what she is going to do, how she will face him. Is she strong enough to face him, or should she escape? She can’t decide what to do, her nerves were on overdrive. She knew, he would not stop until he finds her. That she will wear down and give up one day. Because there is not much where she could hide, and there is not much where he couldn’t go. He would never give up. The footsteps and voices neared. Her breathing increased with each fall of the steps. Is this it? Is this how all this will end? She clutched her eyes shut tightly. If yes, then what…..No! No! She will not be that easy, there is still much in her that he doesn’t know about, there must be something, some way.
Thuck . . . Thuck . . . footsteps neared, she looked up at the door, and BANG.

The book fell from Nia’s hand, as she stared at the door startled.
Her father entered thumping his boots to get rid of the mud, muttering,”Damn Rain. The door also got stuck”.
“Dad” she said exasperated, still clutching the armrest, her breathing erratic, eyes wide. He turned and noticed her daughter’s irritated expressions, and the book on the floor.
“Wrong timing?” he asked wryly. “Yes” she replied.
“I think you should just finish the book” he replied then, hiding his smile. She always gets like this when interrupted while reading her novel,he chuckled, shook his head and went into his office.
“Maybe I’ll just do that” She muttered, picking up her book.
”God knows, there will never be a perfect time or peace in here”, she added as her brother ran past to the kitchen shouting.
She looked towards the kitchen and shook her head. Then she picked up the book, adjusted her pillows and settled back on the chair to get lost in the world of her novel.


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